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Rust Check Before the Salt Flies!



Rust Check Before the Salt Flies !

Although this year the Canadian winter has been slow to start, you know it’s going to happen,eh!

So before the salt starts to fly, check out the best rated Rust Protection Company in Canada Rust Check

For over 40 years Rust Check has been Canada's #1 rust control Organization. established in 1972 and now has over 270 centers world wide.


The Rust Check Company history dates back to 1970 when a Canadian pilot set out to combat the corrosion of dissimilar metals and electronic components in light aircraft.

Early research revealed that the application of sealants, tars, waxes and oil spray was clearly the wrong approach to controlling corrosive oxidization and metallic rustout. It was reasoned that moisture was the primary catalyst that accelerated the corrosion process. Therefore, the elimination of moisture was essential to the success of a viable rust inhibitor.

Although sealants and waxes were designed to block moisture out, testing showed that they dry out and crack, trapping moisture against the metallic surface that they were supposed to protect.

It was concluded that a precise formula of various chemicals was needed to displace moisture, penetrate contaminants, creep into seams and crevices and bond to metal. After two years of testing, the formula known as Rust Check was developed and refined for the automotive industry.


Here at Horvath Auto Parts we have been applying the Rust Check product for more than 10 years in our Tillsonburg location. We have professionally trained and certified technicians ready to protect your car! 

So before the salt does start to fly, now is a great time to call and book an appointment to save your valuable car from becoming a rust bucket !

You can call today @ Tel. 519-688-7878