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ZDDPlus Oil Additive


Introducing ZDDPlus™ 

Who is ZPlus, LLC? 

ZPlus, LLC is a company formed by classic car enthusiasts to meet the needs of classic car aficionados.  We have seen that the automotive industry in general is changing in response to the environmental and financial pressures of today, with little concern for the classic car industry.  We are engineers and automotive technicians by trade, and bring many years of problem solving experience to the task of keeping our classic cars operational and running better than new.  We hope one of the solutions we have designed for our own use will meet your needs as well.  We have developed ZDDPlus™ to address the need of classic car owners for oil that will meet the specifications of the original oil for which their engines were designed.

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Why do we need ZDDPlus™? 

As part of an effort to reduce vehicle emissions, the U.S. EPA offers vehicle manufacturers “credits” for early implementation as well as penalties for violation of emission reduction standards.  The EPA’s program called for 

100,000-mile catalytic converter life by 2004, 120,000 miles by 2007, and 150,000 miles by 2009.  To achieve these goals, automotive manufacturers have pressured their oil suppliers to reduce or remove substances from 

motor oils that would shorten the service life, including the proven antiwear additive ZDDP (zinc dialkyldithiophosphate).  Zinc and phosphorus from the ZDDP can be present in small amounts in the exhaust gas 

of an engine depending on the amount of oil which is consumed in combustion.  Phosphorus in particular has been singled out as an element which can coat the catalyst reducing the amount of catalyst exposed to the exhaust gases and ultimately increasing emissions at the tailpipe.  As a result of the EPA mandate, the phosphorus level in engine oils (from the ZDDP) has been declining since the introduction of SJ oils in 1996, roughly coinciding with the implementation of OBD-II.

What Is ZDDP?

To quote one 2005 research study: “The most common antiwear additives used in engines are zinc dialkyldithiophosphates (ZDDPs), which have the chemical formula Zn[S2P(OR)2]2, where R is an alkyl group. 

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ZDDPs have successfully been used for over 60 years, and to date no superior antiwear additive has been developed for use on steel.

ZDDP has an excellent track record at protecting the sliding metal-to-metal cam lifter interface.  Historically, ZDDP has been added to oils in amounts resulting in approximately 0.15% phosphorus and 0.18% zinc.  ZDDP protects by creating a film on cams and flat lifter contact points in response to the extreme pressure and heat at the contact point.  The film of zinc and phosphorus so formed provides a sacrificial wear surface protecting the base metal of the cam and lifter from wear.  In the course of normal service, this conversion of ZDDP to elemental zinc and phosphorus depletes the ZDDP level in the oil. 


Auto Parts Canada Online.ca  is a proudly Canadian owned and operated and located right here in Canada. Feel confident in ordering your ZDDPlus in Canada with a totally Canadian company and save on shipping costs. Our freight program is designed for extremely fast delivery to your residence in Canada. Rest assured that our Auto Parts come backed with Canadian Manufacture Warranties and that all products sold are certified for use in Canada. Have piece of mind knowing that Auto Parts Canada Online.ca works very closely with the largest and best manufactures in the Industry.

We would also like to thank all of our present and future customers for choosing to make their Auto Parts purchases online in Canada!

ZDDPlus oil additive is the perhaps the best oil additive to protect your classic car or high-performance engine.

To View ZDDPlus Products Click here. ZDDPlus Oil Additives